Wardrobe Wrangle

Due to the nature of my work, I’ve been out of the country for the summer…almost every year since 2006. 

Last year, I managed to stay in the country but, I was still doing field work in northern Alberta…and company protocol (and my dislike for bug bites) demanded full length pants and shirts.

While back in the city, I had several occasions to go out for drinks with friends and when I did, I was surprised to discover that I owned very little summer clothing. All of my shorts are nearly a decade old.

So, it’s spring and it’s time to look into spring-summer transition pieces…clearly, after a decade out of the loop, I needed some advice. Here’s where I went:


Becky Kung has styled me so many times in the last couple of years and every time I see the results of her expertise, I am totally blown away. Becky’s style is often far more bold than my own but, there are so many fun takeaways from her website about lengths, shapes, colours, prints and patterns.


Kayla Short is a wonderful blogger from Halifax whose style is a little more similar to my own. I really enjoy browsing through the outfits that she puts together. Between her and Becky, there are now so many items that I pull off a shelf/hanger to try on, that before, I would have missed.


Taylor MacDonald is all of the different kinds of amazing and her advice is super on point: Have questions about your wardrobe and/or look? Then you should ask her!

Her one-on-one method will help you navigate your way into the look that’s best for you.

How do you dress for the summer season?

Where do you go for advice when you are picking out something new to wear?

Until Next Time!



Journal Jenga Part Two: When do you eat?

Assuming that we’ve started detailing all of the bits and bobs of what we consume in the day, it’s time to start adding a little detail…

…So, onto our first order of business:

When do you eat? 

Do you eat breakfast as soon as you get up?


When you’re travelling?

At family functions?

When you’re at work?

While you watch TV or surf the net?

When you drive home from work?

All of this sort of detail is super important to capture.

When we have a record of both what we have and when we have it, we can actually start to analyze and understand our food consumption. The day-to-day choices that make up our general eating habits, and the way that we deal with things going sideways, are the indicators of the lifestyle that we’ve created for ourselves. 

It’s not about eating perfectly, it’s about understanding what we eat and why.

Journal Jenga Part One: What do you eat?

One of the things that I have noticed, with every client that I have worked with, is a lack of knowledge surrounding what we eat.

To help people understand what they consume over the course of a day, I often suggest starting a food diary.

You can do it on paper, using excel spreadsheets, or even an app like those that can be found at: http://www.caloriecount.com/ or https://www.myfitnesspal.com/.

The goal of the diary is not to create a record of perfect meals but to create a record of what your nutritional life is like on a day-to-day basis.

No number fudging or dropping that handful of almonds/jellybeans, just jot it down.

…Even if you have a glorious weekend of pizza, wine, chips and cinnamon buns, write it down.

Optimally, you’d have two weeks of data or more to sift through but, I’m going to be honest with you…two weeks actually takes a fair amount of discipline. So, set a goal; maybe that goal is one week, maybe it is three days, maybe you’re amazing and can do an entire month’s worth of data.

Don’t worry about what you think the data says.

Weight and/or Circumference Management and how you perform

I’m asked an average of twice a day about how I manage my weight…It’s one of the reasons that I started this blog.

And the honest answer is, very comfortably.

The harder question is how I juggle the demands between my sport, which has a specific weight requirement, and my job, which has a size requirement.

The push-back between these two quantifying methods has forced me into a place where, in order to do everything that I love and do it well, I need to be very smart about the qualities of my snacks.

I suppose that this might be where I give you my first piece of blogger-ly advice:

Regardless of the goal, do your homework and prep intelligently.

Whether it’s modelling or sport, your performance will always suffer if you dehydrate and starve yourself into qualifying for an event.

“Easier said than done, Danika,” you may say but, I invite you to tune into the blog for weekly topic coverage and to follow me on Instagram at: modelintentions for daily updates and inspirations from my adventures with food, modeling, and athleticism.

An introduction…

I’m founding this blog with the intention of sharing some of my knowledge and experiences in the fitness and modeling world, through a series of cultural, social, and biophysical lenses.

This blog isn’t just for people who model.

It’s for everyday people who are searching for a little inspiration and a little more breadth in how they understand their bodies and how they’re active in the semiotics of day to day existence. This is a blog about stuff.