Weight and/or Circumference Management and how you perform

I’m asked an average of twice a day about how I manage my weight…It’s one of the reasons that I started this blog.

And the honest answer is, very comfortably.

The harder question is how I juggle the demands between my sport, which has a specific weight requirement, and my job, which has a size requirement.

The push-back between these two quantifying methods has forced me into a place where, in order to do everything that I love and do it well, I need to be very smart about the qualities of my snacks.

I suppose that this might be where I give you my first piece of blogger-ly advice:

Regardless of the goal, do your homework and prep intelligently.

Whether it’s modelling or sport, your performance will always suffer if you dehydrate and starve yourself into qualifying for an event.

“Easier said than done, Danika,” you may say but, I invite you to tune into the blog for weekly topic coverage and to follow me on Instagram at: modelintentions for daily updates and inspirations from my adventures with food, modeling, and athleticism.


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