Journal Jenga Part Two: When do you eat?

Assuming that we’ve started detailing all of the bits and bobs of what we consume in the day, it’s time to start adding a little detail…

…So, onto our first order of business:

When do you eat? 

Do you eat breakfast as soon as you get up?


When you’re travelling?

At family functions?

When you’re at work?

While you watch TV or surf the net?

When you drive home from work?

All of this sort of detail is super important to capture.

When we have a record of both what we have and when we have it, we can actually start to analyze and understand our food consumption. The day-to-day choices that make up our general eating habits, and the way that we deal with things going sideways, are the indicators of the lifestyle that we’ve created for ourselves. 

It’s not about eating perfectly, it’s about understanding what we eat and why.


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