Putting In The Work

For the past two weeks I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with a close friend, and team mate, on a project that she had always considered as out of her reach.

When I first broached the subject of modelling with my friend, she scoffed and said, “I’m not really photogenic,” and upon reviewing her Facebook images, I kind of had to agree. So, I dropped the topic for about a year.

Eventually, I decided that her inner athlete and her ability to be coached should supersede her photo-hesitation and so I broached the topic again.

Three progressively challenging sessions later, she produced a series of stunning images that I couldn’t be more excited about. I’m confident that her hard work will make her test shoot with Sophia Models Int a breeze.

If modelling is something that you think you can do, I encourage you to reach out to friends in the industry and put in the work to make your dreams a reality. Heck, you can even reach out to me, your internet friend.