I’m eating dinner: The process of food selection at restaurants

Somewhere in the middle of my relationship with my partner, we discovered that we were really different about how we approach eating food at restaurants.

I mean, yeah, I knew that I was a vegetarian and he was not but, it went way beyond that.

When we’d stop for a bite to eat at a pub/restaurant after a day of hiking, I’d eat dinner…and he’d eat at a restaurant.

It sounds a bit funny to phrase it that way but, it’s the best I’ve got.

I would eat something akin to what I would make myself for a meal and he would “splurge” on something that he’d never make at home. I’m not talking technically difficult food here, I’m talking deep fried fries, burgers, deep fried fish, wings/ribs…things soaked in salts, fats, sauces, and whatever else goes into meat things (I confess my ignorance here).

If I made something like that at home, he’d tease me relentlessly about my poor taste in food. 

But somewhere in our brains, I’d maintained what I considered as a stable entity for meal appropriate food and he’d created a subsection for what one eats at a restaurant.

Therefore, I eat like I do at home and he eats restaurant food.

The excess of food consumed, not only because of portion size but, because of the nature of what his brain had categorized as ‘food that is appropriate to eat in a restaurant setting’ meant that the different caloric intake between our two meals was huge!

If you’re a super busy person like me, who often needs to supplement her packed meals with something purchased, eating out a lot can really add up on your waistline.

When I go to a restaurant, I look at the menu and ask myself, “What do I want for dinner?”

Try it out, see if it helps 🙂