Spring has Sprung!

Get out your runners, your hikers, or what ever floats your boat!

Hiking is a great way to whittle your waist, define your legs, increase your aerobic capacity, and spend time with friends and family….and puppies. My dog much prefers hiking with me to staying home while I lift weights.

If you’re looking for some great hikes around Calgary this spring, there are heaps!

Remember though…mountain weather, especially in spring, is a little bit bananas. Be safe, check the weather, grab a friend, and always tell people where you’re going.

For a light day with friends, one of my favourite day trips is out to Lake Louise! 

There are two lovely hikes up to two different tea houses in the mountains where you can rest your legs, grab a snack (cash only, mind you), and enjoy the scenery before you head back down towards the Chateau.

If you love the tea house hikes but find them to be a bit too short (as I do), there’s a little something that Banff/Lake Louise Tourism have dubbed the Tea House Challenge. You get to have TWO snacks while completing a 15 km loop that takes approximately 4.5 hours…plus snack time. Heads up: Tea doesn’t start until the first of June 🙂

There’s even a website that you can check out for a few more details: http://www.banfflakelouise.com/Things-To-Do/Summer-Adventures/Hiking-in-Banff-and-Lake-Louise/Unique-Experiences/Tea-Houses

Yamnuska is another popular favourite for local climbers and hikers… and the chimney to the top? Well, it’s just asking to be climbed. This hike has a fair amount of “up” to it and some pretty serious scree so, comfort in a scramble environment is a must. If you don’t know what scree or scrambling is…I’d suggest finding an avid hiking friend to do this one with on your first time up. This hike, although a shorter time and distance than the Lake Louise ones, is much more challenging.

There are so many other hikes that you can tap into…we’re right beside the Rockies!

I solemnly swear that I’ll share pictures and stories about some of the awesome hikes I complete this summer.

…Just make sure you share yours too!